Security - Making onlinebbsf secure for you

Online Banking is a safe way to manage your money but you need to be on your guard against Internet fraudsters. Make sure you follow our advice to bank safely online:

Ignore emails claiming to be from s that ask for your Online banking details. They ask you to follow a link to a site and enter your security details.

Scam emails have a link that opens a fake pop-up window over the real onlinebbsf web site. DO NOT discloses any of your personal or security information in a pop-up. Always check the authenticity of the onlinebbsf site by checking its security certificate, which you can do by double-clicking on the padlock symbol on your browser.
View example scam emails.

If you think you've received a fraudulent email that looks like it's from Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi, forward it to and then delete it from your email account.

For more information, or if you think you have given away your security details, call us on +963-11-3020.

Update your system and web browser
Download the latest manufacturers' security patches:
Windows and Internet Explorer Apple Macs

To find out more about online security, check the following links:

Common Security Related Questions

How we maintain Security for onlinebbsf

  • Secure Login
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Automatic Logout
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Security Professionals


How you can improve your Security

How Attackers target YOU

  • Email scams
  • Fake Websites


Common Security Related Questions

Is onlinebbsf Internet banking safe and secure for on-line banking?

Yes, Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi has implemented leading edge security mechanisms for onlinebbsf including Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems and industry Risk Management program in order to protect our systems against threats from the Internet.

Banque Saudi Fransi security professionals are here to ensure that we provide you with a safe online banking service. In addition to their expertise, we also contract independent security companies to conduct vulnerability assessments of onlinebbsf on a regular basis.

I am behind a corporate firewall. Can I use onlinebbsf Internet banking?

If conducting a secure Internet HTTP browsing is permitted in your company then you should have no problems in accessing onlinebbsf. If still having problem, please call our customer service at +963-11-3020

Which Browsers and Operating Systems do onlinebbsf support?

Onlinebbsf is currently available for Windows users running Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, and for Mac users who utilize Internet Explorer 6.0 for Mac. And Firefox

What if my computer crashes or the network goes down during a live onlinebbsf session transaction?

Requests received by onlinebbsf would be processed. You can confirm this by contacting bbsf Customer Service on +963-11-3020. If you are having difficulties with your Internet Service Provider, then you must contact them to see what is happening.

Registration Security

What security details do I need to use for onlinebbsf Internet banking?

Login ID (Account No.): This is your unique identity on onlinebbsf Login ID should be 7 characters and has to be supplied each time you log into onlinebbsf.

Password (Using virtual keyboard): This is a code of between 6 and 12 characters that can be a combination of alphabetic, numeric and special characters. You will be asked for it every time you log-on to onlinebbsf internet banking.

How we maintain Security for onlinebbsf

Secure Login

To begin a session with onlinebbsf, you must enter your Login ID and password. To improve security and counter emerging risks Banque Saudi Fransi makes use of a virtual keyboard. This virtual keyboard defeats keyboard logging software which attackers may use to capture your Subscriber ID and password.

Using this virtual keyboard enter your Login ID and password.


Onlinebbsf fuses a lockout mechanism to deter unauthorized users from repeated Login ID and password guessing attempts. After five unsuccessful attempts, the system locks the Subscriber ID being attempted, requiring a phone call to bbsf to re-authenticate you before reactivation.




Secure Data Transmission

From the beginning to the end of the onlinebbsf session, all information that flows between your computer and bbsf is protected by 128-bit strength Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Onlinebbsf is installed with a Swiss Sign Digital Certificate, which provides unbreakable protection between your Web browser and bbsf servers.

Automatic Logout

To provide additional protection, a timeout feature is in effect whilst using onlinebbsf, in case you walk away from your computer and forget to log-out. This feature automatically logs you out of your session after a period of inactivity. Re-establishing and authenticating your credentials for your online session helps to reduce unauthorized access to your accounts. You should always use the log-out button to finish your online banking session.

Fraud Prevention

If you suspect a fraud please report the matter immediately to our customer support on our toll free number +963-11-3020. Bbsf customer support will take the appropriate action in case the transaction in question was performed within the past 2 months.

The following guidelines will help you how to monitor your account logons & transactions:

You can also review the activities performed during your last logon session by selecting the ‘Session History’ option. If you notice any activities that you believe you have not performed then please contact us immediately.

Detecting Possible Unauthorized Transactions

Regularly check your online balance and transaction history and report any irregularities. In addition to the ‘Last Ten onlinebbsf Transactions’ , the best way to stay informed about your account is to ensure that your online records match your hardcopy bbsf account statement.

Onlinebbsf provides email notifications, and online statement capabilities to assist you in monitoring your account activity. Be aware of the activities in your account and contact us immediately to report any discrepancies.

Syrian’s Leading Security Team

Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi has a dedicated security department who ensure onlinebbsf maintains the highest level of security possible.
How you can improve your Security

Using online banking securely

Take these steps when you're using Online Banking to keep your account information safe.


Checking onlinebbsf’s security certificate

How to check a site certificate

1. Double-click on the padlock in your browser window.

2. A dialogue box opens. Click on the 'Details' tab at the top.

3. Select the entry marked 'Subject'.

4. The entry marked 'CN' should be



How to check the security certificate is valid:

After double-clicking the padlock (as above):

1. Click on the tab that says 'certification path' in the dialogue box.

2. Select in the certification path dialogue box.

3. Verify that it says 'This certificate is OK' in the certificate status dialogue box.



How can I keep my Internet banking password private and secure

You can better protect your Internet banking password by adopting the following guidelines:

  • Always try and use an alphanumeric password (consisting of letters and numbers).
  • Never choose a password same as your Login ID.
  • Choose a password, which is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Keep changing your password frequently
  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Do not write down your password, just memorize it.




Clearing your Browser Cache

Although we instruct your PC web browser not to cache any of your personal details, there are some cases, which can include irregular browser types, versions and different platforms, where some web pages may be temporarily stored in your browser’s memory.

To safeguard against this, we recommend that you always use the onlinebbsf menu options and buttons to navigate the web site, always use the logout button once you have finished the onlinebbsf session and close the browser window to clear the web page history stored in memory.


How Attackers target YOU

Email scams

Be wary of emails especially if they prompt you to visit onlinebbsf by clicking on a link in the email. You can check the authenticity of the site by reviewing the certificate as detailed above. If you're in any doubt about the source of an email, it's best to delete it without opening it.

These emails may say they are security alerts from Banque Saudi Fransi, or mails about the status of your account. Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi will never contact you by email to ask you questions related to your account so don’t be tricked by these emails.